Bush lies. Our President George Bush lies. All the time.
Bush Lies Bumper Sticker

All Americans hope that their politicians will be honest and trustworthy. Unfortunately, no matter how you feel about President Bush's politics, it has become clear over the past two years that he has consistently lied about his beliefs, goals, and policies ever since taking office. President Bush and his Administration seem to have decided that the only way they can achieve their desired political outcomes is by systematically deceiving the public about their true actions.

This bumper sticker and web page are small attempts to hold the President accountable for his words and his actions. If you are skeptical, or if you think saying that calling President Bush a liar might be too extreme, we urge you to take just few minutes to read some of the articles and web sites that we have collected below. The lies we are referring to are not simply matters of opinion or typical political give and take- they are intentional counter-factual statements made by the President and his Administration. Bush lies.
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Collections of President Bush's Lies

BushLies.net This site has a very comprehensive list of lies and deceptive statements from President Bush, matched with details of his true actions. The lies are organized by topic, including health care, taxes, social security, the environment, and more.

bush lies. This blog has daily links to articles about the President's lies and deceptions.

Caught on Film: the Bush Credibility Gap This site has photographs of public appearances and quotes from President Bush. It compares what he has publicly said about various issues and what he has actually proposed in his budget. View as PDF.

Bush's 2003 State of the Union Speech And analysis of Bush's State of the Union Speech and the actual actions the President has taken.

Bush's Broken Promises This page quotes President Bush from his 2002 State of the Union Address and his 2001 Address to Congress and compares his words to his actual fiscal actions.

Bush Watch This page has a dense archive of the President's lies.

Articles and Analysis

All the President's Lies by Drake Bennett and Heidi Pauken, in the May issue of the American Prospect, discusses Bush's lies and deception on education, medicare, and the environment. An excerpt:
"George W. Bush lied about all these policies because the programs he pretends to favor are far more popular than the ones he puts into effect. But unless the voters and the press start paying attention, all the president's lies will have little political consequence -- except to certify that we have become something less than a democracy."
Defense Secretary: The Peculiar Duplicity Of Ari Fleischer by Jonathan Chait in the New Republic. This article examines the techniques that Bush's Press Secretary Ari Fleischer uses to deceive reporters and the public.

Spinsanity This site documents false and misleading statements by all politicians, and due to the nature of the Bush Administration always has plenty of information about the President.

The Trifecta When it became clear last year that his tax cuts had pushed the federal budget into deficit, President Bush claimed that during the 2000 presidential campaign he said deficits would be acceptable in case of recession, war, or national emergency. "Lucky me, I hit the trifecta" he would quip at speeches following this anecdote. However, there is no record of Bush making such a statement at any point during or after his 2000 campaign. The quote was fabricated.


The Unofficial Paul Krugman Archive Paul Krugman, a highly respected economist and likely future Nobel Prize Winner, writes a bi-weekly column in the New York Times. Mr. Krugman has been a leading voice about the systematic deception of the Administration and often documents Bush's lies in his columns, particularly on fiscal and economic issues. See below for selected Krugman columns.

Threats, Promises and Lies by Paul Krugman
"Last week Mr. Bush - who has been having a hard time getting reputable economists to endorse his economic plan - claimed an endorsement from the latest Blue Chip survey of business economists. "I don't know what he was citing," declared the puzzled author of that report, which said no such thing."
Dead Parrot Society by Paul Krugman
"That standard response may help you understand how Mr. Bush retains a public image as a plain-spoken man, when in fact he is as slippery and evasive as any politician in memory."


Homeland Security Record A look at Bush's words and actions on homeland security issues. View as PDF.