Nicholas Reville
Holmes Wilson

Our Goals

One goal of this protest and related activities is to spark debate about gated communities in Worcester. Many people don't realize that gated communities can cause problems until it's too late. We want to call attention to the issue so that Worcester will have time for careful consideration before gated communities become common. We don't think that gated communities are right for Worcester, and we believe that upon careful consideration, most of Worcester will agree.

We hope that people will consider the issue carefully before they move into a gated community and we hope developers will build gateless, open developments. Our biggest fear is that gated communities will become a trend in Worcester and that the effect will 'snowball', fragmenting our city, and reducing civic involvement. No one in Worcester should live in a fortress and no one should need to.

Our main goal in protesting Wexford Village is to convince the Flatley Company to take down the gate. For this to happen we also need to convince the residents. It is important that people realize we are not protesting the people who live in the development and we are not looking to shut it down. "Wexford Village" existed for almost 20 years before the gate was put up, and hopefully will exist after it comes down.

We ask Wexford residents to think carefully about their role in the community, the effect that the gate could have on that role, and about who they're really trying to keep out and why. We realize that many of them have serious concerns about public safety in Worcester and we ask them to bring those issues into public forums, where everyone will benefit from their concern. Worcester is growing and improving in many ways and this progress has come from an active community. We need to work together to improve Worcester and we want the residents of Wexford Village to continue to be part of the Worcester community.


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