In the Sunday, September 7 issue of the New York Times, Andrew Lack, the President of Sony Music, and Mitch Glazier, an RIAA Vice President, are quoted heaping blame on filesharing software for spreading pornography. This charge is so thinly supported and blatantly hypocritical that it hardly needs comment, but if it can make it into the paper of record, it demands a response. That the major labels are even willing to try this strategy indicates that they are desperately flailing for allies of any kind. Unfortunately for them, liberals won't fall for it and conservatives probably hate Eminem just as much as Jenna Jameson. But the only pro-filesharing view expressed in the Times article (other than the reporter's own jabs) is an obviously self-interested comment from a Kazaa lobbyist. Since a public voice was missing, Downhill Battle has responded with a quick press release and has created this web page which has examples of pornographic lyrics from Sony Music recordings (...and did you know that Sony distributes this smut in family-friendly, teen-unsupervised malls from coast to coast?!?!).

Sony Music and the RIAA say they want warnings on filesharing software like the un-enforced (and rather enticing) warning stickers on CDs. It should be noted, however, that if the record companies actually believed this line, they would have called for labeling on all web browsers, email, and chat programs-- but that would have sounded just a little too ridiculous. In fact, most filesharing software already has mature content filters, but what the major record labels are really working for is legislation that would require parental approval before kids can use filesharing software; they want to create as many stigmas and barriers as possible. And how do you think record companies would feel about requiring parental permission before kids could enter the CD stores where the major labels sell their own pornographic recordings? Probably not quite as supportive.

Larry Flynt and Cary Sherman, united against filesharing.

The other irony of record labels criticizing porn, which the Times article points out, is that the pornography industry and the music industry are actually united in their efforts to ban filesharing. Both realize that filesharing threatens their coercive business model: music fans have no allegiance to the corrupt major label system and porn companies know that you can't even try to guilt trip porn fans into paying for movies. So they're both pinning their hopes on lawsuits and scare tactics, while everyone else will just be relieved when the two industries crumble.

According to Andrew Lack, "P2P stands for piracy to pornography." Here then are selections of pornographic lyrics from two fairly recent Sony Music releases which pay the salary of this new anti-porn crusader. Of course there are many, many, many more examples of Sony Music and RIAA releases with pornographic and violently sexist content, we just got bored of looking them up. If you'd like to suggest some particularly choice nuggets to be added to this page, please email us at: .


From Sony Music's 2001 hit single "Oochie Wally" featuring Nas and Bravehearts:

"then that ass gettin tossed / fuck a hustler book, penthouse or blacktale / I got bitches sendin my niggas flicks in jail"

"Little young thing go around my dick with your tongue ring / Deep throat my nine inch,"

"Fuck my whole crew, you know how we do / you got that good pussy I can share with my peoples"

"I'll fuck a big boned or slim chick / Beat that pussy up real quick then send home the bitch"

From last fall's Sony Music release "Man vs. Machine" by Xzibit:

From the song Break Yourself:

"In the street make a nigga sleep six feet deep / Fuck piece bare back doggystyle"

"Fuck y'all, y'all homosexual / Hangin on my dick like testicle"

From Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair):

“She act like she ain't gon' survive the night without my dick all up in her ass, so quick, so fast / I see her twin towers and I'm ready to crash”

“I don't want to love, you / I just want to fuck, you / You should bring your friends, through I'll fuck you and them, too”

“I know it's hard to talk with all this dick in your mouth”


We don't mean to single out Nas and Xzibit, we actually like some of their less misogynistic songs. We've posted these lyrics to show the hypocrisy of Sony Music's anti-porn statements.

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